Pie Trays

Pie Trays
Grants manufacture pie trays in many sizes and styles to suit all industrial, commercial or domestic ovens..



Code Description Width Length
PPS1/16S 21 x square tins 406 750
PPO2/16S 20 x oval tins 406 650
PPO5/16S 18 x oval tins 406 660
PPR1WF/16S 18 x round tins with wide flange 406 678
PPR10/16S 66 x round party tins 406 737
Code Description Width Length
PPS1/18S 28 x square tins 455 750
PPO2/18S 20 x oval tins 455 650
PPO5/18S 20 x oval tins 455 660
PPR1WF/18S 24 x round tins with wide flange 455 678
PPR10/18S 66 x round party tins 455 737
Code Description    
PPS1EUS 15 x square tins 400 600
PPO5EUS 15 x oval tins 400 600
PPR1EUS 15 x round tins 400 600
PPR1WFEUS 15 x round tins with flange 400 600
PPR10EUS 54 x round party pie tins 400 600
Code Description    
PPS1GNS 12 x square tins 530 325
PPO5GNS 12 x oval tins 530 325
PPR1GNS 15 x round tins 530 325
PPR1WFGNS 11 x round tins with flange 530 325
PPR10GNS 32 x round party pie tins 530 325


Pie trays and tins are manufactured from aluminised steel.

Trays may be constructed from either "rail" or "solid tray" style.
Other tray sizes are available if sufficient quantity.

Clear  Silicone (standard )
Black PTFE
Failure to oil PTFE coated trays when first used may result in poor release properties and reduction in coating life.

The trays shown are our most common products. Other tin sizes are available.
Grants pie trays can also  be made to suit any automated line eg AutoBake,  MacPan, Simple Simon etc

The Pie Trays are also known as:
Square pies, round pies, oval pies, party pies, pie pallets, pie trays, 16” pie trays, 18” pie trays, euro size pie trays, pie tins with flange, triangular pies, family pies savoury pies, pork pies, fruit pies